The Kau Chamber of Commerce is pleased to help students and adults living in Kau through the Ken Wicks Kau Chamber of Commerce Scholarship.

Recipients for 2017:

  • Lexis Andrade
  • Tiani Castaneda-Naboa
  • Sheilla Mae Felipe
  • Leaokalani Hashimoto
  • Kaweni Ibarra
  • Kamrie Koi
  • Rochelle Koi
  • Ty De Sa
  • Tiare-Lee Chiemi Kehaunani Shibuya
  • Jennifer Flores Tabios

The winner for our essay contest: “How will your education benefit the District of Kau?”

Tiani Castaneda-Naboa

Disadvantages of Rural Schools

I plan to give back to Hawaii by becoming an elementary school teacher. I want to be able to provide an educational foundation that will result in a child’s educational success. My future goal is to come back and teach in my community of Kau, as well as other low income schools, because I once was a student that attended school in this area. I know through experience how the emphasis of education on all subjects is lacking or not stressed enough for the students to thoroughly understand. For the past 18 years of my life, I have come to notice the needs in my community, education being a major concern.  In this area, low test scores, I believe, are the result of poor education. Students who come from this area are at a bit of a disadvantage due to the replacement of new teachers year round resulting in different teaching styles. Some teachers stress teaching the curriculum differently, resulting in a variation between students who have taken the class and may have learned more than other students. By becoming a teacher my goal is to make a difference in the way teaching is done in low income schools and provide the same education as other schools outside of these rural area schools.


Past recipients: