Feb 072017

Winners of the 2016 art show:

Thomas King won best of showand Reta Hill won people’s choice with her quilt, Sunny Beaches. Reta’s quilt will appear on the cover of The Directory 2017. We had a tie for people’s choice, with Lee McIntosh taking second place with his photograph, Lamp Posts of Kau.

First place winners:
C.S. Tucker in the crafts division
Ann Bosted in the photo division
Olivia Ling in the sculpture division
Thomas King in the wood division
Reta Hill in the quilt division
Nancy Stafford in the jewelry division
Eric DePeralta in the lei division
Susan Jennings in the graphics division
Lynn VanLeeuwen in the painting division
Alan Stafford in the weaving division
Dion Beavins in the youth division
Charlotte Crysdale in the keiki division

Second place winners:
Betty Clark in the photo division
Don Elwing in the sculpture division
Susan Jennings in the wood division
Kaaren Hughes in the quilt division
Jennifer Kampf in the graphics division
Masako Sakata in the painting division

Third place winners:
Don Elwing in the wood division
Kiko Johnston-Kitazawa in the photo division
Alice Hosticka in the quilt division
Peter & Ann Bosted in the graphics division
Alice Hosticka in the painting division


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