Feb 062017

Winners of the 2015 art show:

Suzanne D. Kaliko won best of show with her painting, Aunty Shows her Quiltand Peter Anderson won people’s choice with his photo, Red Caldera. Peter’s photo will appear on the cover of The Directory 2016.

First place winners:
Peter Anderson in the photo division
Susan Condie Jennings in the sculpture division
Thomas King in the wood division
Teri Jensen Phillips in the quilt division
Ann Snow in the jewelry division
Elizabeth Kuluwaimaka in the lei division
Dave Golston in the graphics division
Suzanne D. Kaliko in the painting division
Jeanette Howard in the weaving division
Grace Smith in the youth division
Audrey Meyer in the keiki division

Second place winners:
Ed Bruneau in the photo division
Scott Manley in the sculpture division
Dave Golston in the wood division
Nadine Ebert in the quilt division
Toni Santana in the jewelry division
Nancy Lake in the graphics division
Lynn Van Leeuwen in the painting division
LoriLee Loren in the youth division
Kamali Compehos in the keiki division

Third place winners:
Lee McIntosh in the photo division
Dave Golston in the sculpture division
Alice Hosticka in the quilt division
Kathie Griffeth in the jewelry division
Marla McCasand in the graphics division
Tanya Ibarra in the painting division
Nalu Compehos in the keiki division


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