Sep 012015

Winners of the 2014 art show:

Ric Start won best of show with his quilt, He Kila Mo‘i, and Suzanne D. Kaliko won people’s choice with her painting, Green Sand Beach. Suzanne’s painting will appear on the cover of The Directory 2015. We had a tie for people’s choice, with Peter Anderson taking second place with his photograph, South Point Blowhole.

First place winners:
DeeDee Bodine in the graphics division
Peter Anderson in the photo division
Bob Knapp in the sculpture division
Bob Knapp in the craft division
Bob Stock in the wood division
Ric Stark in the quilt division
Deon Beavins in the keiki division

Second place winners:
Wanda Aus in the graphics division
Luke Kanahele in the photo division
Aubrey Ahl in the sculpture division
Luke Kanahele in the craft division
Patty Bowles in the quilt division
Victoria Kanahele in the keiki division

Third place winners:
Greg Rush in the graphics division
Gen Galletta in the photo division
Seth Kanahele in the craft division
Ryder Brown in the keiki division


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