Jul 272013

Winners of the 2012 art show:

Wanda Aus from Ocean View won best of show and people’s choice. Her painting, The View, will appear on the cover of The Directory 2013.

First place winners:
Wanda Aus in the graphics division
Nancy Stafford in the photo division
Olivia Ling in the sculpture division
Dee Hyde-Begany in the craft division
Don Elwing in the wood division
Lorilee Lorenzo in the keiki division

Second place winners:
Alan Moores in the graphics division
Savory Yarrow in the photo division
Savory Yarrow in the sculpture division
Olivia Ling in the craft division
Terri Chopot in the wood division
Rio Chopot in the keiki division

Third place winners:
Dee Hyde-Begany in the graphics division
Frank Lorenzo in the photo division
Don Elwing in the sculpture division
Ola Kochis in the craft division
Shay Lorsen in the keiki division


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