Aug 032012

We are working on migrating and improving our web site as quickly as possible. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


Aloha and welcome to our web site.

We, of the Kau Chamber of Commerce, believe that Kau is one of the best places in the world to live and work. This directory, like everything the Chamber does, is to help make Kau an even better place to live. We care for all of our many people in their great diversity, and know that we are here for most of the same reasons. We love the beauty of the landscape, and the great power and glory of the sea. We are thankful for all the food that the land and the sea produce, and our mostly gentle,  even climate. Most of us do not miss the pressures of the city, and enjoy the somewhat slower pace of Kau. But we must still provide for ourselves and our families, and this directory lists and describes who we are, so that we may more easily support one another.

The Chamber’s annual art show was a great success in 2011, and will be even larger in 2012. There will be more categories, prizes, and photos of the winners published in The Directory. Our artists deserve our support, so come view, vote, and buy October 1-6, 2012.

Our scholarship program has expanded. Now, in addition to high school seniors, anyone entering or re-entering the workforce, or entering or re-entering the higher education system may apply for assistance. The board would like to especially encourage those planning to remain and work in Kau to apply.

We plan to expand our web site so that all of our members who wish can have a direct link to their web sites. The printed version of The Directory has many helpful features such as maps, photos, articles, and information on many aspects of life in Kau.

The public is always welcome to attend any of the Chamber meetings. We invite everyone to join us to hear important information concerning our district and county. We are fortunate to draw a variety of speakers, including our County Council representative and an annual address from our Mayor.

We welcome all to join and help us grow in peace and respect for our Hawaiian paradise. Membership is open to everyone (individuals as well as businesses) all year long. Advertisers in The Directory are automatically members of the Kau Chamber of Commerce. We are always looking for board members, and could use a few more for 2012. The deadline for The Directory 2013 is October 31, 2012.

Mahalo for your continued support,
Dallas Decker, President